We invite submissions on the following sub-themes:

  • Learning & Teaching with AI (including academic literacy development)
  • Cultivating academic integrity
  • Assessment as/for/of learning (explicitly aligned to the current SSO)
  • AI for research • The Ethics of AI

The abstract (250 - 300 words) should outline either your personal, professional, or scholarly perspective/views on how these tools may augment, shape, or impact your academic endeavours. You may also choose to reflect on your recent experience of learning and teaching with these tools, describing the challenges and opportunities that you have encountered, or you may opt to describe your intentional resistance of its use and defend your choice and how this has played out in your learning and teaching.

There is room for a variety of formats for online sessions: shorter (20-minute) presentations such as scholarly talks, creative performances, or personal narratives, or longer (90-minute) formats such as panel discussions. If there is a specific format you would like to suggest for your session, please do so. We encourage both individual and group presentations on a particular theme. Moreover, we especially endorse the inclusion of student voices in the submissions and urge the relevant heads of schools to encourage this vital participation. Please forward your abstracts to CLTD by 2 August 2023

Abstracts evaluation rubric

  • Blue- Green denote accepted abstracts.
  • Pink, Yellow, Grey returned for rework or re-submission