Nurturing academic success through improved student learning experience

03 September - 05 September 2024, 3 September Senate Room, 2nd Floor Solomon Mahlangu House 12:00 - 16:30 | 4 - 5 September Hybrid via Zoom 11:00 - 16:30

Wits Conference on Learning & Teaching

Theme: Nurturing academic success through improved student learning experience

3 - 5 September | Hybrid Conference

Despite admitting some of the best academic-performing students, our university, like many others in South Africa, has struggled with a persistent challenge: little more than 30% of enrolled students complete their qualifications in the shortest possible time. This phenomenon underscores a critical need to re-evaluate and enhance our learning and teaching practices. To foreground this pressing issue, we are proud to announce Wits CLTD’s Annual Learning and Teaching Conference 2024, centred on the theme of "Nurturing academic success through an improved student learning experience".


This hybrid and online conference over three half-days from 3 to 5 September 2024 is open to staff and students and aims to showcase evidence-based approaches and foster scholarly dialogue on strategies to boost throughput rates and support student success. We invite researchers, educators, learning & teaching practitioners, and students to submit proposals that align with the following sub-themes, each focusing on pivotal aspects of the student learning journey:

Celebrating Diversity in Education: Strategies for Inclusive Learning and Teaching
This sub-theme will highlight scholarly strategies that promote student academic success by creating inclusive learning environments. We seek contributions that honour diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, showcasing how inclusivity can be a catalyst for improved student outcomes.

Humanising Teaching: Fostering Connection and Empathy
In this sub-theme, we invite presentations on the implementation of scholarly teaching approaches that prioritise student well-being, mental health, and holistic growth. Emphasising the importance of human connection and empathy in student academic success, this sub-theme seeks to explore how fostering a supportive educational environment can lead to better academic results.

Reflective and Reflexive Practices for Enhancing Teaching Effectiveness and Student Engagement
Reflective and reflexive teaching practices are crucial for continuous improvement in education. This sub-theme aims to showcase how university teachers' engagement in these practices can promote the achievement of student learning outcomes. We welcome papers that demonstrate the impact of reflective teaching on student engagement and academic success.

Navigating Technological Transformations
As digital technologies continue to transform education, this sub-theme seeks to explore scholarly approaches to leveraging these tools for enhanced student engagement and academic success. From emerging technologies to generative artificial intelligence, we are looking for innovative practices and research that demonstrate how technology can be harnessed to support student learning.

We encourage submissions from a diverse range of perspectives and methodologies. By bringing together insights from various disciplines and educational contexts, we hope to foster a rich dialogue that will contribute to meaningful improvements in student throughput rates and overall academic success.
To submit abstracts under any of these themes, kindly submit on the abstracts tab of the website and follow the submission guidelines.